The versatile banana!

Bananas must be one of the most common fruits we know, together with apples. In fact bananas are usually the first solid foods we give our babies. Its softness and sweet taste makes it easy to eat. And of course many athletes eat bananas before, during and after intensive physical efforts.

But this time I do not want to write about the banana’s nutritional value and virtues. This time I want to share with you my exciting news about a little experiment that I conducted.

Maybe you remember my post on the 28th of April on Facebook. It is a short video of ways to use a banana peel you would through in the bin otherwise. One of the things was that you can rub the inside of the peel on the sensitive skin around your eyes, because the peel is full of anti-oxidants. Now I suffer from an extreme sensitive and dry skin, I mean really dry. On top of that I suffer from watery eyes. Some days it looks like I am crying all the time, mostly when I am outside but sometimes even indoors. This apparently is an added bonus of reaching the magical age of 50!! Of course those tears do not help the already sensitive skin around my eyes. Because of this skin issue, I visit a beauty parlor on a regular basis and I spend quite a lot of money on the right creams since I am also quite allergic to just any cream.

After seeing this video I decided that it could not hurt to give this suggestion a try. I start every day with a breakfast of fresh seasonal fruits and always mix in a banana. So that automatically leaves me with a fresh peel!

For the course of an entire month I have been rubbing the inside of the peel over my eyes at first and then pretty soon all over my face. This was accompanied by hysterical laughter and somewhat disgusted faces of my four teenage boys. Their eyebrows could not have been rising higher….

But I did not let that disturb me at all, in fact it made me even more committed to continue my experiment and prove them wrong in the end. I even postponed my appointment with the beauty parlor for two weeks!

I was on such a role that I took the experiment to the next level when after the first two weeks I ran out of eye-cream and decided to leave it that way. I put all my trust in the banana peel to do the work on its own.

So yesterday I went to my postponed appointment and was very curious as to what my beauty expert would say. I mean, I myself noticed a difference and felt that my skin benefitted from the peel’s goodness, but once you are on the “table” with that all revealing blinding light on your face, things can turn out to be different.

While cleaning my face and taking care of all the impurities I noticed that the so familiar needle stayed in the drawer. (She always has to use a fine needle to get rid of the stye, those small infections which occur mostly around the eye-area). When the treatment was done she said, with a hint of surprise in her voice, that the eye-area was remarkable clean of stye and that it looked much better!

I could not help but smile and told her about my experiment.

You can imagine my joy! Not only to prove my boys wrong, but also because plant power proves once again to be even more powerful than I already was aware of. I am pretty sure there is more to discover and to experiment in that field and of course I will keep you posted, as ever!