Stunning beetroot, water mellon and crispy tofu salad!

I do not know exactly why, but I wanted to try a combination with beetroot and water mellon. Not something that has not been done before. When you Google “beetroot and water mellon” it shows many recipes, practically all combined with feta cheese. Obviously that does not do…

I had prepared roasted beetroot and water mellon-towers a few weeks ago and I noted that the flavors of the two combine really well, so I wanted to try some more. And this is what I came up with: fried beetroot, crispy tofu, ginger-orange dressing, water mellon and fresh basil. The result was absolutely stunning!

Cook the beetroot until tender (1 hour), peel them and then cut them in small cubes.

Place the tofu in a sieve with something heavy on top (a skillet) to press out the moisture. (2 hours should do the trick). Then cut the tofu into small cubes as well.

In the meantime cut the water mellon ( I used a seedless one) into cubes as well and place it in a sieve or cauldron to get rid of the redundant moisture.

Then it is time to fry the beetroot. Heat with some coconut oil add the beetroot and stir-fry on high heat for 10 minutes, then add the tofu and continue to fry until they both start to get a bit brown and the tofu starts to loose it softness. It has to be a bit crispy in the end. During the process of frying add orange zest of half an orange and grated ginger (a piece of 3 cm, or to taste). When done add fresh orange juice of a whole orange and a splash of tamari (soy sauce). Let simmer while incorporating the moisture thoroughly.

Take of heat and place in a dish. Add the water mellon and top with fresh cut basil leaves.

I served it with a mushroom-chili couscous and I enjoyed every bite I took.

This salad is definitely a must try this summer!

I wish you a happy weekend and enjoy!