How to make plantbased feta cheese (and examples of great feta dishes).

This week I have been sharing a couple of lovely salads and dishes with you on Facebook. They were all about plantbased feta and I promised to share the recipe here with you today, so here it goes:

Making plantbased feta is not a difficult recipe at all , it only requires plannng, (because it needs to sit in the fridge for 24 hours) and you need an ingredient that you might need to special order. (I had too). That ingredients is lactic acid obtained from sugar beets.

My first attempt to buy this was in an organic supermarket and I asked for lactid acid. They handed me something called Molkosan! I was so excited that I had found my lactid acid that I did not stop to think about; 1) reading the list of ingredients (silly, I know) and 2) the name Molkosan should have rung a bell, maybe that is about milk.…..

Of course I only discovered my mistake upon returning home, meaning I had to return it to the store (which meant going to town again) and even more annoying I could not start preparing my feta. After asking around in some organic shops and searching the web I decided I had to special order the lactid acid from the UK. In the meantime being grumpy about the fact that in the Netherlands some vegan products are still “special”, The good news however is that there defintely is a change going on here. It seems to be a matter of time and patience.

But back to the feta! Needless to explain that feta is an ingredient that lifts up any salad, it combines great with (Puy) lentils, it adds that salty touch to your dish…., so it is definitely something you”ll want to try to prepare. And it is not that difficult, really.

These are the 9 ingredients it takes to create lovely plantbased feta. For full recipe and preparation click here

Here some examples of what I have been preparing with feta this week:

Greek salad

Romaine lettuce, feta cheese, Greek olives, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and Za’atar.


Watermellon salad

Rocket lettuce, fresh mintleaves, red chilipepper, watermellon balls, feta, olive oil, smoked paprika and black pepper.

Spicy but very refreshing!

Sweet potato dish

Puy lentils, roasted sweet potato, berry rice seasoned with dried lemonpowder, hot oregano-sage oil, fresh lemon juice and feta.

So good!

Gorgeous grilled pear salad

A beautiful fresh salad, of baby-leaves of kale rubbed with olive oil and lemon juice, grilled pear, Medjool dates, date syrup, isot pepper and feta.

Absolutely delicious!

I am pretty sure these lovely examples are a perfect reasons to try preparing feta yourself. Why not start right away so you can enjoy your own creations with feta cheese this weekend!

I am curious to find out what you prepared with feta so I would love for you to share here your favorite Feta dish.