Purslane, Puy-lentils and homemade feta.

Purslane, a lovely summer’s vegetable which actually is a flowering plant, which in Iran they have been eating for more than 2000 years! In The Netherlands it grows in the wild from June till September, so with a little effort you are able to pick them yourself. I gathered picking purslane for a family of six probably would take up a lot of time so I thought best to buy it. Fresh from the land!

It is advicable to prepare it the same day while it is still crisp. Rinse it thoroughly and cut of the tiny roots.

You can either eat it raw in a salad or cook it. I choose the latter this time, or actually I blanched them, for no more than four minutes in boiling water together with a cinnamon stick and a few strips of orange peel. When done pour in a sieve and pat dry a little with some paper towel.

Mixed with cooked Puy lentils, a great dressing (orange juice, dried oregano, olive oil, some salt, spring onions and chiliflakes)and some crumbled homemade vegan feta and a fresh chopped up chili pepper (optional), you get a satisfying dish. I served it with a puree of sweet potato.

By the way, did you know that out of all green leafy vegetables, purslane is the one containing the highest amount of Omega-3 fatty acid, so do not hesitate any longer, go out and pick that purslane! (or buy it like I did).


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