Guacamole from spring peas, a great alternative for avocado.

In these times of abundance, we are able to get almost any fresh vegetable or fruit, any time in the year. You could consider it an advantage, to be able to buy strawberries midwinter for example, however this abundance comes at a price. Meaning; not only is it costing us more money, it is also costing us in taste. Fruits and vegetables taste at their best when bought in season. Pretty obvious when you think of it, in the end that it is how nature intended it.

That also goes for avocado’s. Due to our climate we do not grow avocado’s in the Netherlands (maybe only on a very small scale in greenhouses) but we are able to buy them all year round. We import them from various countries like Chili, South Africa, New Zealand, Israel, Spain etc.

However, I have noticed that the quality and the taste of “our” Avocado’s is not a given. Some months of the year they are extremely expensive and despite the “guarantee sticker :Eat me” they are overripe, brown, inedible and so in the end a waste of good money!

So how does my family survive these periods of “Avocadlesness”, how can we prepare everyone’s favorite dish being Guacamole without avocado?

Quite simple actually, make this lovely green dip with spring peas instead! You will be surprised by its lovely taste, its freshness and it’s perfect match with the traditonal Mexican dishes.

It is a bit sweeter than regular guacamole and less creamy. It is also lighter and much lower in fat than traditional guacamole, which one could consider an advantage. Another advantage is definitely that it’s color will stay bright green, unlike the original version which in time will turn brown. Now we all know that the avocado is loaded with good things for our body, in- and outside. However do not underestimate the spring peas, little as they might be, they are high in vitamin K, they are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, and they also support blood sugar regulation.

Reason enough I would think to give the pea a chance!

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