Hot and spicy pepperspread!

I posted this picture on Instagram two days ago and afterwards I received a request for the recipe of both the Pumpkin crust as well as the spicy peppersauce. Well the crust of this lovely pizza was bought in the supermarket (see my previous blog of 17-10-2017). The peppersauce however is homemade by a recipe I learned from a dear friend, who in his turn was taught by his mother who originates from Iraq.

It is pretty basic and simple really. It contains onions, a variety of lots of peppers (bell peppers, sweet pointed peppers, turkish peppers) in any variety of colors you like. I basically make it with whatever kind of peppers sit in my fridge. Obviously, since it is a hot and spicy sauce red and/or green chilipeppers are a must ingredient. Other than that some garlic (I always use black garlic, soft taste and no smell!) hot paprika powder and sweet paprika powder, tomatopaste (I use a mixture of spicy tomato-pepper paste, available at a Turkish supermarket) salt and pepper.

This spread goes with just about anything and you can use it either hot or cold. It’s great in a pitah (with falafel), it combines perfectly with couscous, rice, bulgur etc., on a pizza, but also on a regular sandwich, see picture below of a summer’s beach picnic.

I always try to make a large pan full, but since we are a family of six, I always seem to run out within two days…However it will keep in the fridge for a week at least but it is also possible to store in the fridge in small badges.


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