A fun afternoon filled with plantbased baking!

Coaching in Wilma’s kitchen.

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I look back to another successful coaching session which I gave last Thursday. I had the pleasure of teaching Wilma, a vegetarian for over 20 years. She wanted to learn more about plantbased cooking but in particular plantbased baking. During our preparation we discussed in detail what she wanted to take away from the afternoon. We came up with an extensive and ambitious list. We would have to work continuously to get everything done but I was determined to give her what she asked for!

The following things were on the list:

  • plantbased feta
  • black pesto
  • chickpea omelet
  • ‘tuna’ salad
  • humus
  • muffins
  • chocolate cake
  • salty caramel and chocolate cake

I am very proud to say that we managed to prepare everything on the list, not in the least because Wilma proved to be a great ‘student’!

The following slideshow gives an impression of the fun afternoon we had:

Yesterday she mailed me the following feedback:

“The coaching by Brünhilde was a true joy. Wonderful to be initiated into the secrets of plantbased cooking. Something you normally won’t allow yourself the time to explore. But now in a single afternoon you learn so much at once. She also gave me a bunch of tips for lovely spices, spices I had never heard of previously. When you want to treat yourself or give a special present to a dear friend I can strongly recommend you to give this. Because a private session in the comfort of your own home is the BEST! Thanks Brünhilde for your vegan knowledge but above all for your tremendous enthusiasm to pass it on. Your preparation was outstanding which made it possible to get everything done. Afterwards dinner was ready to serve and everything was super delicious! 1000x THANK you! Wilma G”

Feedback like this obviously makes me very proud but also very happy. It’s very rewarding to enrich people’s life with something I love to do!

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Have a great week!