Noodles topped with mushrooms in soysauce. Minimum effort, great result!

You probably know the feeling, you come home after a hard days work, or maybe an intensive excersize. You are hungry, but too exhausted to prepare something or even to think about what to cook. Well this dish is the answer to your problem, because cooking does not get any easier than this. This is about the quickest dish I ever prepared. I think in total it took me no more than ten minutes, including the cutting of the mushrooms😉

The noodles are noodles made of brown rice with pumpkin and ginger (health store) and only take 4 minutes of cooking time. The mushrooms are sliced together with a red chilipepper, a red onion and stir fried on medium to high heat together with two cloves of black garlic. After everything turned soft, add some fresh grounded black pepper, a large splash of soy sauce. Let reduce a little bit and then sprinkle a handful of sesame seeds.

Top the noodles with the mushrooms and the sauce, garnish with fresh flat parsley (or cilantro) and voilà, you are ready to dig in.

This dish makes a great dinner as well as lunch.