Mexican fiësta food: Chili sweet potato fries with eggplant-avocado-corn and lime salad!

The Dutch people experience an unprecedented September summer with local heatwaves. Temperatures can reach as far as 32 ℃. To me and my family that is something to celebrate, we relish the warmth and the sun. One of the type of foods that fits this kind of weather is definitely Mexican food! So we had a Mexican weekend, that is to say, we had Mexican food, not the tequilla😉

Saturday I served taco chips (unsalted and organic) with black beans, Mexican rice, homemade salsa and guacamole, iceberg lettuce and fresh corncobs. A well known dish that I wrote about a while ago at Everyday Plantpower on Facebook.

Sunday however I created my own Mexican dish. Sweet potato cut as fries, seasoned with cayenne pepper, cumin powder, chili flakes, black pepper and a tiny bit of sea salt. Roasted in the oven at 225℃ for 30 minutes, until they started to turn brown and crispy.

Together with the fries I made a salad of baby kale leaves and the soft bit of romaine lettuce, rubbed them in with fresh lime juice and lemon olive oil. The tartness of lime and/or lemon softens the kale leaves somewhat. In the meantime I sliced an eggplant lengthwise, sprinkled a little salt on the slices, covered them with towel paper and pressed a wooden plate on them to drain the moist a little bit. After that I fried them in olive oil on both sides until they started to turn brown. I sliced an avocado and I fried some fresh corn (scrabed of a cooked corncob) for two minutes. I cut of a slice of a fresh large lime (about a1 cm thick) and removed the skin and cut it into little parts. Mixed everything in a salad dish, placed the eggplant on top, sprinkled the lime bits and black pepper over it and our Mexican fiësta was good to go!