Apple crumble on a layer of coconut yogurt.

Up till now the majority of the Dutch people think that being vegan means lots of sacrifice. In their minds vegans do not only give up on meat, fish, eggs and butter, they also have to make sure that they consume enough of the daily needed nutritional values. Somehow to those people that sounds like hard work and boring food. They do not seem to realize that being vegan is a lifestyle rather than a long and constant diet.

Of course this lifestyle includes eating cakes, deserts, ice-creams, chocolate and lots of other sweet yummy food! There really is not a single thing that vegans cannot eat. There are easy and natural ways to bake cakes, make ice-cream without eggs and/or milk.

Like this apple-crumble for instance. I found the recipe in a leaflet of a health food store. I altered only a thing or two.

And Oh My Sweetness, It turned out fantastic and I have to admit that I had several servings already! First I tried the apple-crumble, then I thought of the plant based yogurt I purchased that morning, made of coconut milk. I expected that the slight tartness of the yogurt would be a great counterbalance for the sweetness of the apple-crumble. Well, I can tell you that not only the tartness combined perfectly, the soft creaminess of the yogurt with the apple-crumble was like a match made in heaven!

If you want to try it yourself (you should, really, you won’t regret it) click here for the recipe