Hummus conquers the world!

Any self respecting food blog should have an item about hummus. When you are a vegan food blogger there is absolutely no way you can ignore hummus. Hummus has become increasingly popular in Europe these last couple of years. While first you had to search for places to buy hummus, it is now for sale in any supermarket. Their shelfs are stacked with variaties like: hummus with herbs, hummus with rash el hanout, hummus with spicy peppers, hummus with aioli and so on.

I myself have been familiar with hummus for 32 years already. And I am almost afraid to admit it, but I did not like it at all when I got to taste it the first time! That was not the fault of hummus, at the time I did not like anything, other than Nutella.

That first hummus was in Israel, where hummus of course is one of the countries favorite dishes. As it is in the Arab countries as well. I have come a long way since that moment and have become a hummus lover, like so many others.

Hummus is conquering the world in a rapid pace and I think that is a good thing. Not only is it delicious food, it is also very healthy and of course completely plant based. On top of that it is not really difficult to prepare. Now the obvious thing for me to do here would be to give you my version of the best hummus recipe ever. But I am not going to do that. Instead I want to share with you something else. It is a link to the website of “Hummus, the Movie”. This movie was on Dutch television last week and it is about hummus and hummus only. I loved every second of this documentary! It is funny, entertaining and interesting at the same time. On their website you will find a hummus recipe as well.

Check it out, you will not regret it:

By the way, the picture is indeed my home made hummus with smoked paprika powder. I usually prepare it according to Yotam Ottolenghi’s basic hummus recipe and add my own flavor to it.