Mezzalune ravioli with kale, mushrooms and red pesto.

This must be the easiest recipe on my website 😉.

After finding red and green vegan pesto, I discovered another new vegan product in my supermarket! Mezzalune (ravioli) filled with chickpeas, lentils and rosemary. Fresh, organic and vegan!

Of course I took some home with me and instantly new what I was going to do with it.

I wanted to combine it with mushrooms, kale and the vegan pesto. The red one this time, since I hadn’t tried that one yet. (The green pesto I used for the Pasta with Brussels sprouts).

After stir frying the mushrooms, some small onions, garlic and a chilipepper, I added the kale (shredded) and the cherry tomatoes. At the end the red pesto and nutritional yeast.

Easy, healthy and tasty dish within 20 minutes!

I am pretty sure you’ll want to try that too!

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