Superfood stir-fry recipe and its health benefits!

Superfood stir-fry served with turmeric-ginger rice

This dish consists of a stir-fry of kale, mushrooms, peas and leek and is served with ginger-turmeric-black pepper rice. Most of these ingredients are regarded as ‘Superfoods’. But what is it that makes a product a superfood? Below a short explanation and of course at the end the recipe to this delicious dish.

Let’s start with Kale:

Kale is jam-packed with vitamins. Eating one cup of chopped kale gets you over 200% of your daily value of vitamin A, 134% of your daily value for vitamin C, and almost 700% of your daily value for vitamin K! In addition, kale contains important minerals like manganese, potassium and copper. Kale contains about 120 mg of Omega-3 fatty acid per cup, far better than most plants. In addition, kale supplies insoluble fiber to our diet. Kale also contains a broad range of antioxidants, which has anti-viral properties! (Good news in these Corona times😉)

And then Mushrooms:

Just like our skin, the mushroom produces vitamin D through the application of light almost identical to humans. Therefore because it is produced naturally by the mushroom, it is a vegan form of vitamin D. They are low in fat, high in fibre, they’re also high in protein. They contain a lot of very valuable nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins. Incorporating mushrooms in your diet will support your immune health, cognitive health, beauty, gut health, vitality, energy, endurance, fitness and recovery!

There is so much more to tell about mushrooms, many books have been written about the wonders of the fungi kingdom. Should you want to know more explore the internet, there is plenty to find there!

The “David” among the vegetables: Green Peas:

Hard to believe maybe that such a small vegetable is considered to be a superfood. But it is! Because green peas are low in fat and calories but high in everything else, including protein, fiber and micronutrients. They are a great source of vitamin C (if uncooked), which is essential for proper immune function. Their high fiber content means they are essential in preventing many diseases, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and certain gastrointestinal diseases. Fiber also lowers blood pressure, enhances weight loss and promotes efficient digestion. Peas are packed with powerful antioxidants, including flavonoids. That’s a lot of goodness in such a small vegetable!

While Leek is not so much regarded as a superfood, it is however highly beneficial to our health. Leeks, together with garlic and onions, belong to the Allium vegetables. So leeks, like onions and garlic contain many of the same beneficial compounds found in these well-researched, health-promoting vegetables. Leeks contain an important concentration of the vitamine B folate, which makes it a cardio-protective food. Leek is also known to have a positive effect on the strength of your immune system, your nervous system, improves your vision, reduces the risk of cataracts, helps lower blood pressure, improves digestion, reduces the risk of cancer, helps to lose weight, helps to treat type 2 diabetes, strengthen your bones, offers protection against sunburn and eat leeks for shiny hair!

Last but not least, the combination of Ginger, Turmeric and Black pepper corns :

Turmeric roots

Turmeric the main spice in Indian curries, is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet! Curcumin is an ingredient present in turmeric, responsible for giving it its medicinal properties. The problem is that curcumin is not absorbed well in the body. That’s where black pepper comes in. Black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which when combined with turmeric, increases the absorption of curcumin by up to an astonishing 2000%, fighting and potentially reversing disease. 

Studies show that both ginger and turmeric can help reduce pain and sickness. They have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which could help decrease pain and protect against disease. Chronic inflammation is thought to play a central role in the development of conditions like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

But all knowledge and science aside, these products are all simply delicious, together or on their own. So simply enjoy this lovely recipe and let your body do the work for you!

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