Baby kale leaves and fried mushrooms with a mango-ginger-lime dressing

In general I have a lot of self-criticism. There is always something I could have done better, I tend to be not easily pleased with myself. But not today, today I am extremely pleased about myself. The reason for this contentment is the food I prepared today. Baby kale leaves with a dressing of fresh mango-ginger and lime juice topped with stir fried mushrooms quenched with soy sauce served with coriander spiced freekeh.

This dish is a good example of the perfect mix of ingredients, like a match made in heaven! And yet again so simple.

The dressing is made of a handful of fresh pieces of mango, a slice of fresh ginger (5 mm thick) and the freshly squeezed juice of a lemon mixed in a food processor until it becomes a thick liquid. Place the kale leaves in a bowl and pour the dressing over it, rub it in and let rest so the leaves will become a bit more soft.

In the meantime cook the freekeh with some salt and a splash of olive oil for 15 minutes. When done stir in fresh coriander leaves chopped fine.

Cut the mushrooms (I used a mix of all kind of sorts, you can also use just shiitake or chestnut mushrooms, whatever you prefer) and fry them on high heat in some coconut oil. When golden brown pour a spoon and a half of soy sauce over it. Let it “burn” a bit so the mushrooms get a smokey flavor. Pour the mushrooms over the baby kale leaves, serve the freekeh with it and the pleasure can start! (You can replace the freekeh by quinoa, rice, sweet potato whatever suits you best.)

My husband’s remark: “Restaurant quality food”, confirmed that I am not the only one who is pleased about me today!